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Gordon Sui隋兴


Gordon’s passion towards his career as a real estate agent, according to himself, “cannot be merely described as a sense of enthusiasm, but more so an obsession. Other than the commercial benefits this job provides, Gordon cherishes the gratification of being able to provide service that benefits the society, ensuring that every single customer has their wishes fulfilled and money efficiently spent. Every time a contract has been successfully signed and a house is embraced by their new owner, Gordon claims that he feels a genuine sense of benediction for the seller and buyer , also is grateful for being part of this phenomenon. This fervent passion had only grown throughout the man’s 8 years of experience in this field.

To Gordon, his career is an irreplaceably important part of his life. He believes that if one truly has a heartfelt passion towards their career, performing one’s role will feel pleasurable and enjoyable rather than hectic and tedious. Furthermore, Gordon’s work motto also follows the concept of ‘refreshment,’ and the importance of an agent’s personal traits. On top of the bland and solemn topic of the purchase of the house itself, both the seller and buyer would hope to meet an agent who is not only knowledgeable in the field, but amiable as a person and willing to take the time to clarify all their concerns and curiosities.

Gordon’s past achievements have already proven his extraordinary capability in real estate. In the past few years, other than managing and administrating his own real estate company, he successfully sold numerous houses every month as an agent himself. Gordon has knowledge and experience regarding various areas of Australian real estate: from the construction and interior design of houses and minor property development, to renting houses and ensuring that the buyers can maximise their benefits. Personally, Gordon is someone who has purchased a double-digit number of households for investment. Other than his Master’s degree, he has achieved a BUILDING CERRTIFICATE IV in his spare time, completing the course with flying colours.

Gordon’s knowledge and personal engagement towards real estate have been widely recognised. When you seek his assistance as a potential seller, he will provide advice from a plethora of areas and perspectives. While giving the customer the freedom to choose for themselves, he will try his best to ensure that all aspects of the house are complete and verified before being put on the market. Once it is on the market, minor marketing details would be taken into consideration as well as effective advertisement. Gordon advocates precision and perfection in completing his role and maximising the profit of the seller.

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