Fiona Tan

Business Development Manager

Fiona has called Brisbane home for more than 20 years and has lived in some of its most popular suburbs.  With her family & relatives attending great local schools and sporting clubs and social events. Fiona has formed unshakable community networks with buyer and sellers across Brisbane, sharing the love of housing and passion for refurbishing homes and had also form great connection with oversea buyers and true investors.

Assured in her chosen career, she has established distinctive edge in understanding the local market and is very active with local schools and communities in her area. Fiona also welcomes you to schedule an appointment to appraise your property or for an informal chat about the current state in the market. Please call her on her mobile for a quick chat and shes available 24/7 and is prompt to answer any of your questions and enquires. With her patience. knowledge and understanding, you will be bound to be happy with her service.